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Production Crew from A to Z

Best Boy, AD, AC. You’ve seen the names come up at the end of the credits on every feature film. Who are they? What do they do? Here is our A to Z guide of film and video crew, who they are and what they do.

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Absolutely Free Stock Footage and Photos With No Catch

Stock footage is a wonderful way to take a project to the next level but the cost for usage of those clips can blow your budget sky high.  Add to that the fact that most commercial use licenses expire in one year. If you have any plans to reuse any of your bought clips, then…
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What is the hourly rate for production crew? Those just getting into the film and video industry will sometimes offer hourly rates, but the broadcast industry standard is based on a 10 hour day and for good reason.  Professions that bill by the hour tend to be those that can schedule precisely and therefore can complete…
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Help! Can’t view video files on my hard drive.

Q. Help!  I hired a video crew and told them to put the video files on a portable drive for me.  I see folders and files, but nothing that looks like a video or photo.  I can’t get any files to open.  What am I doing wrong? When you think of video files, do you…
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Video Agency, Video Production Company, or Freelance Videographer: The Pros and Cons

You likely anticipate that this is a biased article. It isn’t. Frankly, it would belie us to write a biased article on this subject because: Many of our clients are agencies. Every member of our team was once a freelancer. The fact is, one size does not fit all. When Is An Agency The Right…
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The Top Five Things to Consider When Renting a Studio or Soundstage

With the increase of film production in Georgia there has been a flurry of studios and soundstages popping up all over Atlanta to grab a cut of the business.  Many are built by those with no background in studio acoustics or construction.  On-premise equipment is often subpar to what would be expected of a professional…
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