What is the hourly rate for production crew?

Those just getting into the film and video industry will sometimes offer hourly rates, but the broadcast industry standard is based on a 10 hour day and for good reason.  Professions that bill by the hour tend to be those that can schedule precisely and therefore can complete several appointments in a day.  Video and film production is rarely a precisely timed event.

“But I only need someone for 30 minutes, maybe an hour”.

It won’t be an hour for the crew member.  Unloading, setting up, and teardown will at least double the time on site.  You will also want to give some direction as to what you want filmed and how you want it to look.  After filming, your footage will need to be transferred to a portable hard drive or uploaded to a server.   A safety backup of your files will also need to be completed on site before your operator leaves.  Transferring audio or video can add from 30 minutes to hours and even days of labor depending on how many minutes are filmed and at what resolution.   And imagine if you found out last minute that you needed to start earlier or your schedule runs late.  You inform your production crew and they say they can’t help you because they booked another job on that same day.   There are far too many downsides to booking crew hourly.  You want and need a camera crew dedicated to you and only you. 

“But I’m on a budget and can’t pay for a full day”

We understand budgets and will do what we can to work within a reasonable budget.  And if we can’t meet you’re budget, don’t be quick and go for the lowest bid you get from someone else.  Talk to us first.  No one likes to turn down business.  If we can’t work with your budget, we can recommend someone who can.


How much does it cost to shoot a video?

This has to be the most frequently asked question of any production company.  Our response:  How much does it cost to build a house?  How much does a car cost?  The answer is in the details, my friend.  And production is no different.  The details of your request determine how many people we assign, what camera model we use, how large or small the lighting package will be…it goes on and on.  If you EVER call a company and they don’t bombard you with a long list of questions, beware.  The likelihood of you ending up paying more in the end, in one way or another, will pretty much be a sure thing.  Either the end cost will be more than promised, or you’ll end up paying another company to clean up the mess of unprofessional footage you’re left with.

What is your 100% satisfaction guarantee?

We pride ourselves in offering the best production crew and services.  If at any time DURING PRODUCTION you are dissatisfied with a crew member, equipment, or represented service, we ask that you notify us immediately. With minimal downtime, we will replace the person, equipment, or service and cover any direct costs incurred. Issues brought to our attention upon the completion of production shall be remedied at our discretion.



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