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Videographer or Video Company: Which Is The Right Choice?

We had to find a way to get your attention, right?  You likely anticipate that this is a biased article. It isn’t. We will be the first to admit that there ARE times when a video production company is not the right choice for your production. There are questions we will always be asked during the initial call and we’re very frank in answering them. Why not? We know you’ll call around before settling on anyone and it only takes a few calls before you know the routine, so we’ve done our best to break the routine. That said, here we go.

When do you not go through a video production company or video agency? Wedding video, private party video, graduation video, birthday video, audition tape…essentially anything for personal use that you do not ever intend to use as a professional representation.  These type of requests are expected to be budgeted low. Most people anticipate $100-$500. And in most cases there’s no reason to spend more.  If you have done your research and believe that you have a qualified camera operator for that rate, then go for it.  A full service video production company simply cannot provide a quality videographer with professional equipment at such a low rate.  As is true for any professional level company, the videographers are experienced and therefore command a higher rate.  The equipment as well is of a higher level.  This level of operator and equipment may be more than needed for personal use.  but if you have any expectation that your project will be used to represent you or your business, then look beyond low budget. When it comes to hiring a videographer, you absolutely do get what you pay for.

And why don’t we shoot personal use projects?  Again, you get what you pay for. We are a business that delivers a consistent visual quality by working only with the best, and that comes at a price. What price? One of the most common requests we’re asked is, “What is your hourly rate?” As is the case with most industries, there is a structure of pay that corresponds with someone’s level of expertise. Entry-level new employees are generally hourly rate, while professional level employees have a set day rate. We wouldn’t send a new employee out to cover an event for you. We wouldn’t be in business long if we did. Our production people have worked long and hard to get where they are. They’ve earned professional status and that comes with a price tag to match. So how much can you expect to pay for hiring a professional videographer? What should you look for when hiring a videographer? That’s another article, actually in progress at this very moment. Bookmark our site or follow us via twitter or facebook to get real-time updates of our posts. For questions regarding your professional production needs and questions, call or email us. We’re here to help.