Out of State Video Crew

An Atlanta-based company with crew in nearly every state!

Our production resources are worldwide because we’ve worked worldwide.  If you’re an Atlanta-based company needing production services in another state, don’t hire strangers out of state for your next video need.  Call us first.

We are NOT a crew broker

Like most production families, we’ve been recycled a time or two.  Production people are nomadic creatures by necessity.  We go where the business is.  Sometimes that business takes us out of state.  Over the years we’ve met many production people in passing.  We’ve come to know just as many out state as we do in Atlanta and consider each and everyone a part of our extended family.

Our clients and their needs have grown as well.  More clients find themselves in a new city needing production crew.  We know first hand just how fearful it can be hiring people you’ve never met.  You can call a crew broker.  There are many reputable brokers out there representing crew around the globe.  But the question is, do they know them personally?  Have they spent a 10 hour day with these people, working side by side with them.  Knowing their good points and bad points.  We have.  We stuck with the good ones.

When you call us and say you need crew in another state, we’re not going down a list of names of those that filled out a job posting.  These are people we’ve worked with and know personally as well as professionally.

Take the stress out of hiring a production crew out of town

Today we can supply production crew to almost anywhere in the United States.  If we don’t have a CrewAtlanta team member in your requested state, we will be happy to recommend a production company in that state that we’ve used and trust.  Get to know the people behind CrewAtlanta.  Our promise to you: We will NEVER send you someone that we haven’t worked with personally.  We would never want that for ourselves and we don’t want it for you. Call us or fill out the form below to get started.

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