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Atlanta livestream and live event video companyTwo-Person ENG-Style crew or Full Multi Camera Switching Station and Crew

On top of our commercial, corporate and television work, we have a long history in the production of live events.  We have walked every foot of the Georgia World Congress Center and we are pretty sure we have been through every loading dock in downtown Atlanta.  We have covered concerts, conventions, conferences, political events and late breaking news.  We have livestreamed content across the globe.  From two person news crews to multiple cameras and a live switch, we have you covered.

What Makes Us Different Than Any Other Live Event Company in Atlanta

That answer was in the very first paragraph.  The fact that we also work with the commercial and corporate world means that we bring a different energy to the game.  We tend to see things as an editor, with our eyes on the end product.  What this means to our clients is a team with a focus on really producing  product rather than just capturing it.

As a full service production company, we can also provide you with the creatives you need to develop your content to your final vision.  Our producers, directors, writers and editors are the best in Atlanta.  Even our camera, lighting and sound people are exceptional.  Seriously.  Atlanta is bustling with an overabundance of pop-up production companies trying to be all things to all people.  We knew we had an advantage when we formed CrewAtlanta.  We had the connections.  We knew the right people and we loved working with them.  Why not get together and form a great big happy production family?

And so was born CrewAtlanta, and it is the fatc that we are a large production family that makes us different.  We come from various backgrounds with various specialties.  Together there isn’t anything we can’t do.  And we carry our unique collective brand to every production.  That’s the CrewAtlanta difference.

LiveStream and Webcasting

We have teamed with one of the leading Livestream providers in Atlanta to bring you the latest technology available in Livestream webcasting.  We’ve also worked to streamline our set up.  For most events, we can be set up and ready to roll in a few hours.    Just let us know what you need to cover and how many cameras you may need.  We can usually have a quote to you the same day.  Do you need editing?  We can handle that too.  Call us or fill out the handy form below.  We are standing by.

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