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What Separates CrewAtlanta From Other Video and AV Production Companies?

Who hasn’t had the experience of paying good money to a videographer or video production company only to be disappointed by the final footage?  We know that experience first hand.  We were clients before we became a supplier.  Our experience as a client is how CrewAtlanta came to being.  We saw  a problem.  We knew the solution.  Customize production crew to the client.  Customize not just by the camera operator’s skill level but as well by their personality.  It takes a very patient and practiced camera operator to shoot an hour long session or staged featured speaker at a conference, convention or meeting.  But if you need behind the scenes trade show, convention, or conference video then you need an energetic camera operator who can find interest in the simplest things – someone who can tell a story without any words spoken.  More than simply tailoring crew to your needs, we also keep our people versatile by taking them on a variety of projects.  Our camera operators may be shooting a commercial or tv show one day and shooting your conference video the next. We may shoot a live concert today and your convention the next. What does this mean to you, our client? Shooting the same thing day in and day out can get stale. No doubt you have paid for and received that level of production value before. By offering our crew a wide variety of productions, it keeps them fresh and excited about every production. That value is delivered to you in a quality product that represents you in your best light.

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There are so many ways to approach convention, conference, seminars and meeting videos. A convention video should capture the excitement and activities that make a convention worth attending. A conference video may highlight the content such as guest speakers, breakout sessions, networking opportunities. Meeting and seminar videos are more of a straight documentation.  A trade show video should capture your product, product demonstrations, branding – everything that you utilize to sell your product.  So let’s get specific.  Exactly what type of video production do you need?

Straight on event coverage or behind the scenes and interviews

Our clients largely dictate our style of coverage. For historical coverage, such as we handle for C-Span, we have guidelines to follow.  Camera moves stay smooth and slow.  Our convention and conference clients often are unsure as to how the final product will be packaged.  In such a case we shoot handheld but steady to make it easier cutting up and editing later.  We shoot the perimeter areas of the event first.  We then capture as many interviews before the event gets busy so that the audio remains clean.  At peak attendance, we capture as many attendees as we can get on camera at once,.  We also grab some news-style cutaways of attendees and their reaction to the event or comments that can later be combined with b-roll footage of the event.

 Telling the story behind the event

Other times deserve a more personal approach.  While covering the Disabled American Veterans conference in Atlanta for one of our clients, we set up an intimate interview room separate from event area.  This gave us the opportunity to interview some of the attendees as they shared their intimate personal stories.

LiveStream and live to tape

We’ve partnered with a well-established vendor whose expertise is specifically in LiveStream.  When a dynamic production company teams with the best LiveStream provider in Atlanta, you  know you’re in good hands.

A FEW OF OUR SERVICES:  Black tie, convention coverage, Expo, festival coverage, live concert, live conferencing, live performance, Livestream, press junket, promotional, publicity stunt, remote CEO statement. tradeshow and convention coverage, webcasting.

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