Marketing, Commercial, and Promotional Video

Along with actively pursuing the best producers, directors and camera crew available in Atlanta, we thought we’d go one better and throw in set design.  Our set design production partners are out there designing sets for commercials, infomercials, and game show sets all over Atlanta.  This brings an outstanding visual value to any promotional video whether it be for internal use, conventions or conferences, or for a new product or company.

Our clients also include other production companies.  We often assist in providing supplemental crew to our commercial production clients.  Not every company can pull this off.  It can be considered a conflict of interests.  But we’re able to play both roles because of the mutual trust and respect we have with our contacts in and outside of Atlanta.   You can trust that we’ll supply quality production crew who we’ve worked with personally and enjoy working with every time.  They truly are our extended family.  We can say the same for our clients.

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