What is the hourly rate for production crew?

We are often asked what is the hourly rate for a camera person or production crew.  Paying by the hour sounds great, doesn’t it?  Those just getting into film and video will sometimes offer hourly rate but the broadcast industry standard is based on a 10 hour day and for good reason.  Professions that bill by the hour tend to be those that can schedule precisely and therefore can complete several appointments in a day.  Video and film creation time is rarely a precisely timed event.

“But I only a videographer for 30 minutes, maybe an hour”.

It won’t be an hour for the crewmember.  If they’re bringing any amount of equipment there will be setup and teardown time.  You’ll want to talk about what they will be documenting.  And now that everything is digital, the operator will have to transfer footage to a drive or possibly upload it to a server.  We always keep a safety backup as well of all footage. Transferring audio or video can add from 30 minutes to hours and even days depending on how many minutes are documented.   And imagine if you found out last minute that you needed to start earlier or your schedule runs late and your videographer says they can’t help you because they have another job on that same day.

“But I’m on a budget and can’t pay for a full day”

We understand budgets and will do what we can to work within a reasonable budget.  And if we can’t meet you’re budget, don’t be quick and go for the lowest bid you get from someone else.  Talk to us first.  Why?  That answer can be found here.