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Our Story

Once upon a time, there was a little producer with big dreams.

The CrewAtlanta Story

Some companies are born out of inventiveness.  Others are born by circumstance.  One never knows where life may take you.  Its twists and turns can lead you down a path you never saw coming.  When our founder moved to Atlanta to pursue a career in music and film, it was to begin in front of the camera.  Fate had other plans.   Several twists and turns later, she found herself behind the camera producing, directing and coordinating for one of the most successful full service production companies in Atlanta.  But fate wasn’t done.  Only a few years later, the building and company would be sold to new ownership.  Due to financial mismanagement, the once successful company would spiral into an immediate tailspin.  It subsequently closed only a few years later.

When Life Throws You Lemons

With an investment of nearly 10 years of employment there, a new home mortgage payment to make and studio clients on the books,  our little producer found it impossible to simply walk away.  A 25,000 square foot building was about to sit empty and tied up in legal limbo, unable to sell.  On a Friday the company officially closed its doors.  That afternoon our founder worked out an agreement to stay behind and occupy the building until sale.  On Monday was born CrewAtlanta.  Seven years later, we have become the largest video production family in Atlanta as well as the most versatile.

What Makes Us Different Than Any Other Video Production Company

CrewAtlanta is the only company in Atlanta of its kind.  We are not a core staff trying to be everything to everybody.  CrewAtlanta is the culmination of acquaintances and freelancers met by our founder during her production career as a freelancer and later production and studio manager.

As a freelancer on live event productions, news shoots and sporting events she gained lasting professional friendships with Atlanta’s top venues, service vendors and camera operators.  Through creative agency freelance work our founder worked side by side with Atlanta’s best commercial and corporate producers, directors and writers.

Through commercial and corporate productions both on location and in studio, she developed lasting relationships with art directors, set designers and lighting designers.

As a studio manager she became an ally and supporter for Atlanta’s independent up and coming film makers and editors.  She found their out-of-the-box thinking refreshing and inspiring.

Becoming the Matchmakers of Production

The inspiration for CrewAtlanta was our founders belief that, based on her unique perspective as a client and vendor, something very big was missing with the production companies she had worked with – the ability to give a client a customized production crew based on the clients specific industry and/or production need.

As corporate videos evolved from sit-down office interviews and fly-on-the-wall style convention coverage to storytelling and documentary style production, she pulled in her independent producer and director contacts.  By combining experienced live-action camera people with independent producers and directors, the viewer experience of live event coverage went from a simple documentation of activities to a behind-the-scenes company story.  The hand held camera operators anticipated a reaction and caught it live.  The independent producers would take it one step further, looking deeper into the overall feel of an event and bringing the viewer closer to the action.  It made it feel as though the viewer was as much a part of things as the person on camera.   She knew she was on to something.

As more custom teams were paired, we watched each other grow and evolve in our skills and interests.  The experiences universally revived our passion for production.

Atlanta’s Largest and Most Versatile Extended Family of Production Pros

Today we come from all genres of production.  You’ve seen our work on television, at conventions and conferences, awards ceremonies.  We have had the pleasure of capturing live once-in-a-lifetime moments on camera.  We have met people we will never forget, both behind and in front of the camera.  Through the lens of a camera we have told profound stories of triumph over tragedy.

We’re the documentary and commercial storytellers.  We are the news teams you see covering late breaking news.  We are seasoned corporate business video producers, directors and camera teams.  We are a tech-savvy multi-cam live event and Livestream production company.   From a two person camera crew to a full blown production crew and 3 ton grip truck, we do it and we do it well.  No other company in Atlanta does what we do.

A company that began as a supplier of people for camera, sound and lighting has evolved into a rare and wonderful environment of passionate people who really love what we do and it shows.

Welcome to our family.  Welcome to CrewAtlanta.



Our Work

Give Your Best Every Time

That is the only way we know how to do it.  It’s about walking away at the end of every production with a sense of pride knowing that you were a part of it.  To call what we do video production just sounds too processed.  We capture a day, a mood, a story, a moment in time that we will never have again.  We recognize that and we appreciate every moment.  It’s about recognizing and appreciating each and every person involved from the client down, knowing that without any one of you there, it wouldn’t have come together.  Here are some of our most memorable productions.  For our full list of video production services, visit our Services page.  So what can we do for you today?

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