Brian Smawley

Chef LuBu – Professional Feeder

Reknowned gaming company Riot Games contacted us asking if we could provide support crew for a feature story they were doing on the Battle and Brew, a gaming pub in Marietta, Georgia. At the time we had never even heard of Battle and Brew and had never stepped foot into a gaming pub. It was foreign territory. But Riot Games knew what they wanted and knew how to get it. The end product is more of a documentary, capturing the heart and soul of Brian Smawley, aka Chef Lubu, the kitchen manager and creator of the bars’ extraordinary menu featuring some of the best grub in Marietta. Dare we say it, the best grub in all of Greater Atlanta.

In the overwhelming amount of online content video residing on YouTube, we think this piece stands out for it’s overall production value. It’s a video we can watch again and again. And isn’t that the goal of any YouTube video production, to make a lasting impression.