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Chef Lubu:  Professional Feeder

When video gaming company Riot Games called, we thought they had made a mistake.  Why would a company specializing in gaming and animation call for video production services?  We feel a bit silly now.  Even more than a gaming company, Riot is a people company.  And their reason for contacting us was to profile a local chef from a gaming bar in Marietta.  Gaming bar?  We had never heard of one, had no idea what one was.  That is the first reason this production stands out.  The second reason is this:  But for Riot Games calling us, we never would have known what we were missing.  Marietta’s Battle and Brew is a fun, welcoming place, with a very cool laid back feel.  We’re pretty sure that vibe is largely due to Brian Smawley and the Battle and Brew staff.   With over 500 positive reviews at the time of this writing, there must be something special about it.  We’re just glad that we were there to capture the back story.

The Formula: Science of the Hustle

New York Agency Big Star called needing support crew for a one day location scout and one day shoot in Atlanta.  It was a rush for the company to get permits for each of the locations we would be shooting at but they managed to do it in only a few days.  The end product was shot in Atlanta’s Central Park,  and near Centennial Park.  All in all it was about a 14 hour day to make a 2 minute and 21 second long video.  We hope that gives insight into just how long it takes to make something great.  It was certainly worth ranking on our top 10 gallery picks.

Celebrating Nurses

Each year the Atlanta Journal Constitution organizes Celebrating Nurses. Area hospitals and their patients are encouraged to submit nominations for deserving nurses who they feel have gone beyond the call of duty to help another.  Thousands of letters  are received.  Only 10 nominees are selected to be honored.  Allison Cristou is one of those nominees honored  Allison, an ER Nurse at Wellstar Kennestone Hospital,  was planning to meet up with her husband for a quick brunch before work.  As traffic backed up, her husband called.  He was ahead of her in traffic and called to let her know there was an accident ahead and no first responders on the scene.  Allison pulled her car over to the curb, got out and ran to the location of the accident.  Seeing that one of the victims had serious injuries, Allison went to work immediately to control bleeding.  The victim survived, certainly thanks to Allison.  We were fortunate to document all ten nominee stories. For more Celebrating Nurses stories, visit us on YouTube

Sigvaris Supports You

One would expect the marketing of compression garments to be compassionate. To our pleasant surprise, we found that the company and employees behind the SIGVARIS name were just as compassionate. Testimonials are those of actual users of their products, including employees telling their individual stories of how a simple garment has changed their quality of life. What better testimonial is there?

Conventions, Conferences, Live Event

As one of the most versatile production companies in Atlanta, CrewAtlanta brings our unique brand to any production. Whether for broadcast or internal use, we bring a broadcast quality and commercial level appeal to every production. One company can go from commercial to documentary to live event and livestream. It’s all in a days work. No other company in Atlanta does what we do. From commercials to conventions, we have you covered.