Manufacturing – Factory – Industrial Videos

Manufacturing and Industrial Video Production

We like to approach industrial videos with a sense of purpose. That purpose is determined by your desired audience. Are you seeking investors or partners? Maybe you are hoping to increase awareness in the general public. Then let us focus on the process and what makes your process better than others. Let us bring attention to your future plans. Are you expanding, possibly promoting a new factory? Let us highlight your company’s history. We could create a timeline mixed with archival footage increasing speed until we come to today and what has led to your success, what enabled this expansion.

Process Video

A process video can serve many purposes:  For training, educational, or even promotional.  Often we can go in with little instruction and map out fairly quickly what we need to shoot.  Other times it is best to do a bit more planning before jumping straight into the shoot.  The approach we take depends on a number of factors.  How large is the business?  What is the ultimate goal of the end product?  Who all will be involved in the final decision making that will shape the end product?  No matter your industry or profession, we can help you decide how best to get started and what approach will work best.  If you need help in developing your content for the video, we have experienced writers, producers and directors that can help with that as well.

One of our clients, SIGVARIS, wanted an all-in-one video that could be multi-purposed as needed.  By the time they had contacted us, they had done their own pre-production research.  Simply making that effort saved them thousands of dollars.  They gave us everything we needed to visualize their end product.  How did they approach that situation?  Find out here .  See one of the final edits below.

SIGVARIS Supports You from CrewAtlanta on Vimeo