Documentary and Interviews


Shooting a documentary or interview can be challenging if you don’t have the right people in place. We carefully choose our crew to compliment your purpose.   Today we may cover a day in the life of a well-known celebrity in the music industry.  Tomorrow we cover a crime victim who is telling their story for the first time.  The next day we’re with a CEO and employees who are expressing why they believe so greatly in the product they manufacture.  These three productions offer very different environments for a production crew to step into.  And that’s where our expertise comes in.  We take into account the individual personalities of our crew members.  If a talent feels uncomfortable, it will show in the production.  When you call us to book your crew, we’ll consider everything involved and deliver to your doorstep the perfect crew to complement the environment you need.  From celebrities to life stories to CEO statements and testimonials, we will tailor the crew members to assure you walk away with a winning interview.