Our Work

It’s About Giving It Your Best Every Time

That is the only way we know how to do it.  It’s about walking away at the end of every production with a sense of pride knowing that you were a part of it.  To call what we do video production just sounds too processed.  We capture a day, a mood, a story, a moment in time that we will never have again.  We recognize that and we appreciate every moment.  It’s about recognizing and appreciating each and every person involved from the client down, knowing that without any one of you there, it wouldn’t have come together.  Here are some of our most memorable productions. For the back stories behind these projects, scroll down.  For our complete works, visit us at Vimeo.  So what can we do for you today?

In the ATL


Toll Free


The Formula- Science of the Hustle – Rotimi

New York agency BigStar reached out to us on this one for support crew. Up and coming R&B artist Rotimi breaks down the science behind his hustle in “The Formula: Science of the Hustle”. This was a one day location scout and one day shoot, but that day went a good 14 hours! All good. Comes with the territory.

Fuel: Something Like Human

This production was uniquely challenging. Sony Music asked that we catch a live in-store concert for the rock band Fuel. After the concert, we would grab some ID’s of the band pitching their CD “Something Like Human”. Easy enough. The concert took place at Best Buy. The CD, however, was to be sold exclusively at Walmart. Enter Jessica Teal, one of Atlanta’s most talented editors. With the precision of a skilled surgeon, Jessica was able to creatively mask and eliminate all Best Buy signage. This and her edgy editing style made for a slick final promo.

Battle and Brew’s Chef Lubu:  Professional Feeder

When renowned gaming company Riot Games contacted CrewAtlanta asking for support crew to assist in their Atlanta filming, we jumped on board! Brian Smawley is kitchen manager at Battle and Brew, a beer and gaming pub in Marietta, Georgia. Our thanks again to Riot Games for letting us be a part of their production.

SIGVARIS Supports You

A major manufacturer of compression garments, SIGVARIS is a warm and welcoming company with a genuine dedication to making you feel better.  This video was shot over the course of three days and roughly a week of editing down each story.  Testimonials are those of actual users of their products and include customers as well as employees.  We found the entire team at SIGVARIS to be warm and welcoming.  We believe that the end product reflects that.