How much does it cost to shoot a video?

What is the cost for a video?  This has to be the most frequently asked question of any production company.  Our response:  How much does it cost to build a house?  How much does a car cost?  The answer is in the details, my friend.  And video production is no different.  The details of your request determine how many people we assign.  Can one person do everything or do we need a team?  What camera model will we use and why?  One camera model may rent for under $300 a day while others are in the thousands of dollars.  How much lighting will we need?  A single person interview would not need that much, but if we are shooting a large area or even just trying to control unwanted light in an area we will need more tools of the trade.  The needs go on and on.

If you EVER call a company asking how much they will charge you for a video and they do not bombard you with a long list of questions, beware.  The likelihood of you ending up paying more in the end, in one way or another, will pretty much be a sure thing.  Either costs will be added on later or you’ll end up paying another company to clean up the mess of unprofessional footage that you are now left with.

So back to the title of this article.  There are no set costs for production but an experienced production company can give you a range for specific types of productions, for example:

Interview / Documentary/News/ Conference/Convention Crew: $2,600 to $3,100

3-person interview / news crew (Camera Operator, Sound Operator, and Grip) with deluxe lighting package: $3,800

Commercial Production excluding editing: $6000 – $20,000

Full Service Commercial Production with simple editing and titles: $12,000-$40,000

Full Service Commercial Production with motion graphics, color grading: $40,000-$60,000

Now for the disclaimer.  The rates above are NOT set in stone.  In the world of professional video production you absolutely get what you pay for.  The above rates do NOT include:

Creative Concept

Script Development


Music Beds

Stock Footage


Any of the above can add many thousands to your cost but the largest variable will be the cost for the people with the technical and creative skills you need to accomplish your vision.  From creatives to camera, lighting, sound and editing you will pay much more than the above rates for the best of the best in their field.  And if you are working with an agency, the above costs do not apply at all.  Agencies have high overhead because they are offering much more than simply production and that comes at a cost.

So how much will it cost for your next video production?  Call us.  The consultation is free and with a series of questions we can give you a best estimate on the cost for your production.