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CrewAtlanta’s team of commercial, corporate video and live event production specialists come together to give you the best service and product possible.  What can we help you with today?


These are interesting times for promotional content.  The 30 and 60 second commercial broadcast is in direct competition with online promotions that range from 30 seconds to several minutes.  Then there are the annual conventions and conferences which offer their own opportunity to promote your product.  One size absolutely does not fit all these days. Do you need a commercial?  We can help you with the creative as well as find you the perfect studio or location to shoot it.   Whether creating a commercial for broadcast or online, we can help.


There are so many ways to cover an event.  Some of our clients prefer a very straight- forward shooting style with smooth and steady camera moves.  Others want to engage the viewing audience.  Still, others want the most bang for their buck, something that can be used many different ways down the road.  For these clients we often supply a standard multi-camera crew along with one or two hand-held operators.  An interview team may be on the side getting impromptu attendee comments and some behind the scenes coverage.

Our being a multipurpose company is one of our greatest assets.  We can truly tailor our crew to our clients’ needs.  Our camera people were chosen for their energy, their creativity, and of course their skill.  These are versatile camera operators who love what they do and take pride in doing it.  That positive energy translates into a great opportunity for our clients to step into more of a producer role knowing they are in capable hands.


Only a few years ago, the words corporate video would have conjured up an image of PowerPoint presentations, breakout sessions and stale interviews and testimonials.  That is simply not the world of corporate business video production today.  The content on corporate and business websites now matches the quality of anything on broadcast television and for good reason.

Our corporate business clients come to us from across the globe and in all types of industries:  Finance, Medical, Manufacturing, Legal, Fitness, Food, News, and more.  There are a number of Atlanta video companies to choose from.  How do we differentiate ourselves from the lot?  Here is how.  Rather than have a small in-house production team, we bring you an extended production family.  Ours are the producers, directors and camera people that are in demand.  How did we get them?  Contacts, my friend, and we have them in spades.  Our closely knit ever growing network is a surprisingly tight group that we rotate off on various projects to keep them sharp, cutting edge, and most importantly, in tune with the trends and styles of social media marketing.  It is not an easy task.  The only constant of social media is that it continues to evolve.  So do we.  So how can we help you get the recognition and internet presence you deserve?  Call us.  Our experts will guide you in taking your content to the next level. Social media has affected businesses just as much as it has affected internet content in general.  Businesses looking for top ranking on searches now recognize that search engines are seeking content-rich websites.  Aside from this, it is just expected now that any professional company will have at least some video content posted.  Now more than ever, people want to know the companies they do business with on a more personal level.  Text and photos just don’t cut it anymore.  A short compelling video will define a business much more than any article or savvy web template ever could.  Lack of video content will define a business as well.  It brings into question how in touch or out of touch the business is with the world outside.


Shooting a documentary or interview can be challenging if you don’t have the right people in place. We carefully choose our crew to compliment your purpose.   Today we may cover a day in the life of a well-known celebrity in the music industry.  Tomorrow we cover a crime victim who is telling their story for the first time.  The next day we’re with a CEO and employees who are expressing why they believe so greatly in the product they manufacture.  These three productions offer very different environments for a production crew to step into.  And that’s where our expertise comes in.  We take into account the individual personalities of our crew members.  If a talent feels uncomfortable, it will show in the production.  When you call us to book your crew, we’ll consider everything involved and deliver to your doorstep the perfect crew to complement the environment you need.  From celebrities to life stories to CEO statements and testimonials, we will tailor the crew members to assure you walk away with a winning interview.


Savvy camera crews capable of covering any Atlanta event and any style of shooting.  But more than event coverage, we can edit it as well.  Need graphics?  WE can do that too.  Whether documenting an historical event for C-Span, covering the latest Atlanta conference or corporate event, coordinating a live webcast via Livestream or capturing a live performance in concert, we approach each production with an active interest in capturing its very essence.  Our partnership with a number of Atlanta production company providers means that we have the latest equipment at our access and the skilled videographers to match.

We’ve provided multicam crews for broadcast and live event in nearly every venue in Atlanta.  These are seasoned pros at live event production.  No locked down cameras here. A reminder that we can provide more than camera people.  We are a full service production company with production coordinators, producers, set designers.  We can even edit it for you.


Renting a studio or soundstage in Atlanta?  We’re the pros to come to.  With the increase of film production in Georgia there are a flurry of studios and soundstages popping up all over Atlanta to grab a cut of the business.  Many are being built by those with no background in studio acoustics or construction.  On-premise equipment is often subpar to what would be expected of a professional stage for rent.

Just as studios and stages have increased in number, so have the number of websites offering production services in Atlanta. If you’re not in production and you’re hiring a production crew for studio or even location production, how can you be sure of the level of talent behind that website?  We have been in nearly every studio and stage in Atlanta.  We work with Atlanta’s most proficient technical crew.  From our set designers to our lighting and sound crew, these are people that step into a studio with discerning eyes and ears, examining every nuance before giving any studio space the green light.  As a convenience to our clients, we have also compiled a checklist of things we look for when considering our next studio home.  Your clients look to you to have their best interests in mind.  Let us help you put your best foot forward and shine through.