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Absolutely Free Stock Footage with No Catch

Stock footage is a wonderful way to take a project to the next level, but the cost for usage of those clips can add up quickly.  Add to that the fact that most commercial use licenses expire in one year.  You can see how costs can continue to rise.  Today there are a number of sites that offer absolutely free stock video.  Many do have a catch such as mandatory sign up – not too much to ask for free usage.  Others we found, specifically the ones that offered free stock footage for web, also required that coding be placed within your web page files.  In SEO language, this is called a redirect.  Redirects can greatly affect your website ranking by slowing down the time it takes for a visitor to load your website – not a good trade off for saving a buck.

“If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.”

True.  In exchange for free video, expect to get a limited selection and limited search options.  This can get tiresome very quickly after visiting a dozen of these sites.  Still, it’s worth taking a peak.  Depending on what you are looking for, it may be worth the search.

The free stock footage links we list below are those we found at the time of this article to have no catch.  Just click download and you are ready top roll, so to speak.

OrangeHD  (Creative Commons License)

Pixabay  (Creative Commons License)

Videezy  (Creative Commons License) 

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